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John Lagonigro

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John's Sport Interests

Skill Level Type
 Intermediate Beginning Badminton Player, Recreational Badminton Player 
 Beginner Beginning Basketball Player, Recreational Basketball Player, Former Basketball Player, Basketball Fan 
 Beginner Beginning Boxer, Recreational Boxer, Boxing Fan 
 New Beginning Fencer, Recreational Fencer 
 Intermediate I exercise to lose weight, I exercise to maintain my health, I exercise to increase performance in my sport, I exercise to gain muscle, I exercise for the mind/body connection, I exercise for fun, I exercise to decrease stress 
 Intermediate Beginning Player, Competitive Player, Recreational Player, Former Player, Football Fan 
 Intermediate Beginning Golfer, Recreational Golfer, Former Golfer 
 Beginner Beginning Fighter, MMA Fan 
 Intermediate Beginning Player, Recreational Player, Former Player, Roller Hockey Fan 
 Beginner Beginning Player, Recreational Player, Former Player, Soccer Fan 
 Intermediate Beginning player, Recreational player, Former player  
 Intermediate Beginner Track & Field Athlete, Competitive Track & Field Athlete, Recreational Track & Field Athlete, Former Track & Field Athlete 
 Intermediate Beginning Wrestler, Recreational Wrestler , Former Wrestler 

John's Profile

Height 5 feet 8 inches (172.7 cm)
Handedness Right Handed
Education High School Degree
Diet Low-carb diet
Fitness Activity I engage in fitness activities every day
Languages English

John's Bio

I am very into sports and have always had at least decent talent . Being athletic runs in my family and I just enjoy sports , I am very competitive and have no friends who play the sports I do so I am looking for some way to get into amateur boxing ( as you need certain things like a trainer and coach ) or a semi pro football team.

5'8 1/2" , with a 69" reach , 173lbs and slimming I was bulked now I am cutting as I am more into boxing over football now ( football my positions required around 200 pounds)

I stay healthy but my cardio needs work I won't lie but I will work my @ss off for a chance to do what I want .

John's Recent Status Updates

John Lagonigro
John Lagonigro currently training ..patience !!! haha
7 years ago   
John Lagonigro
John Lagonigro Anyone know how to get setup for amateur boxing in Milford , CT I haven't found anything!
7 years ago   
John Lagonigro
John Lagonigro Searching for a Trainer , Classes and Coach for boxing.
7 years ago